Week 1 – 11/05-15/05

When asked from what country he came, Diogenes would reply, “I am a citizen of the world“.

I have decided to start this week’s entry with a quote by one of the most famous Greek philosophers, because this past year I have figured out what those words really mean. Being a citizen of the world does not necessarily imply traveling around the world. You become a citizen of the world when you realize that there is a whole world of possibilities outside your comfort zone. It means feeling part of a wider community that includes people who not necessarily see the world like you.

As mentioned above, this year I have felt a citizen of the world. First, I have studied at Richmond, the American International University, which provides education to an international community. Its motto “Unity in Diversity says it all. Second, I have now finished my first week at Pitch (fourth, including my work experience – see previous entry Alessandro Sansica: Sports PR Intern), where I am interning in the International Team. As its name suggests, my team deals with all sorts of International clients (within the sports industry) with different backgrounds and interests. Among these I can mention the NBA, Virgin and Furusiyya.

As you can get from my introduction, I am really happy to be working for the International Team, which I have been trying to help at my best. Being a good team player, I have learnt that it is important to be proactive and productive to contribute to the success of my team. It is for this reason that since day one I have been asking questions, trying to catch up with my teammates’ work, so as to be as helpful as possible during my time at Pitch. Luckily, my team is made of five amazing people, who have tried to help me with suggestions and tips. They have immediately welcomed me and made me feel part of their team. It has probably also helped the fact that food and sports, two things I love, are two frequent conversation topics! Here they are, these are the fantastic five I am going to work with for the next three months:

– Alexandra. Associate Director. She is the head of the team.

– Safi. Senior Account Manager. He is currently on holiday in the US… Lucky him!

– Tom. Account Manager. He “has basketball skills”.

– Jack. Senior Account Executive. Rockets supporter, he is a big fan of James Harden.

– Emily. Account Executive. Former football player and Nuggets fan.

Over this past week another member has joined the team. Faina, a girl who after traveling around the world for three months will work at Pitch for 3 weeks.

As already mentioned above, I really want to give my contribution to this team and over the past week I have tried to support my teammates’ projects at my best. Some of my tasks for this week included creating news reports for the NBA as well as putting together a presentation with the NBA weekly highlights. Furthermore, as the Italian equestrian event (see previous entry) is quickly approaching, I have been asked to manage the Italian journalists’ contacts to confirm their participation in the event. I have to say that the latter has been particularly rewarding, as I have experienced how challenging talking to a journalist, both via email and on the phone, can be. However, now that the ice has been broken, I am sure that my relationship with the journalists will get better and better.

Another challenge this week has certainly been managing and prioritizing my workload. As my agenda is quickly taking shape, there are always new tasks to be carried out. What happened at the end of this week is the perfect example of this. After taking part in my first team meeting I was given the task of researching and preparing a presentation on a possible future client. This task was particularly challenging because the research had to be completed by the following day, when I still had to complete other tasks previously assigned. That meant I had to organise my time and carry out all of my tasks simultaneously. However, by giving priority to some tasks over others, I successfully managed to complete my research, as well as other important tasks!

To conclude this week’s entry I need to say that I know it’s going to be a busy summer, but I am genuinely happy and satisfied with my role within the International Team. Furthermore, working with clients such as the NBA makes me feel part of something very important, which I have always admired and that I now feel I am a part of.


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