Alessandro Sansica: Sports PR Intern

Hello again!

I left you with a question in the last entry that I now want to answer… What is my internship going to be?

To answer this question I have to go back to last February, when, already looking for an internship, I decided to send my CV to a couple of firms. Luckily, one firm replied and offered me a full time 3 week work experience starting immediately! Unfortunately I could not commit to doing that back then as I was still going to uni. However, when I explained the situation, they replied that they would be happy to have me once my lectures were over! I immediately accepted as this firm looked exactly like what I was looking for! Enough said, I started my work experience three weeks ago… and last Friday I was offered an Intern position there!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now thrilled to announce that this summer I am going to intern at Pitch, a sports PR firm based in Piccadilly Circus!

These past three weeks have been a gift for me! I had my last day of classes (sadly) and even more sadly I had to say goodbye to many friends who headed back to their home countries (Good luck to all of you! May all of your dreams come true)… On the other hand, I have also started my full time work experience at Pitch (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm), while I have spent my weekends working as a waiter in stadiums around London (if you’re still wondering, yes I definitely love sports!).

Just entering the office for the first time made me realize that I was about to begin a priceless experience in a sector that I had always loved and admired! Footballs, rugby balls and NBA jerseys immediately caught my attention. I was introduced to everybody and assigned to Team Meakin. This team is composed by 8 amazing people (Nick, Stefan, Tom, George, Chris, Claire, Penny and Dan) who have given me several tasks over the 3 weeks of my work experience. I am truly thankful to all of them for the tips and suggestions they have given me! With them I have worked (or at least I have helped) on several projects, ranging from an event with Pelé (yes, the football legend) to putting together a coverage report for BT Sport. In the meantime, another team, the International Team, asked me for help to contact some Italian journalists to invite them to an event that is going to be held in Italy this month. There you go, second day and I was already on the phone speaking to some journalists… That’s real PR! “What a start!” I thought, “I’d love to stay longer than 3 weeks…”

Luckily enough, that wish has come true and I am now officially interning at Pitch for the next 3 months. Tomorrow I am going to move to the International Team to work with clients such as Furusiyya and… the NBA! If you knew me as I hope you will by reading this blog, you would know that just reading the word ‘NBA’ gives me goosebumps! I am going to be working with amazing people, from whom I am sure I will learn a lot. For what I have been told so far, my work will include creating content for our clients’ social media channels, communicating with other satellite agencies around Europe, and reaching out to the media for events.

A little extra for this internship, walking every day through Piccadilly Circus to get to the office and see the iconic giant screens… That will be the perfect setting for an exciting and thrilling summer!

Have a good week!


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