Welcome to my blog!

Welcome everybody!

Today, 9 May 2015, I officially start my blog! This is the first of a series of weekly entries describing my summer internship that I will begin this Monday in London.

But let’s start from the beginning… Why am I starting a blog?

I should begin by saying that I am a postgraduate student studying Advertising and PR at Richmond, the American International University. Over the past year I have immersed myself in this creative, yet analytical sector, and have tested myself in many ways… During the first semester I had the chance to analyze many PR and advertising campaigns and work on some of my own in 2 classes called ‘Advertising in Practice’ and ‘PR in Practice’. At the same time, I studied and compared the two sectors from a more academic point of view in ‘Advertising and PR in Context’. In the second semester, while taking a core module analyzing the role of advertising and PR in the marketing communications (Advertising and PR in the Global Marketing Communications Mix), I had the possibility to choose two elective modules. My choices were ‘Organizational Behavior’ and ‘Digital Marketing’. Both classes were extremely interesting and taught me different aspects of organizations (the former) and modern marketing (the latter). Furthermore, to broaden my knowledge on advertising, I took an online class organized by Duke University that covered the history of American advertising and the relationship between advertising and society.

I really enjoyed my time at Richmond University, and even though the lectures are over, the third and final semester has just begun. This final term includes a summer internship in an ad agency or PR firm,  and other tasks, such as a final project to be submitted in September and… this blog. The blog will need to be updated weekly with a summary of what I will have done over the week, and my thoughts and views about it.

I therefore welcome you to my world for the next 9 weeks (at least) and promise you to be always real and honest. After all, I am glad to leave a record of this experience, as I like the idea of being able to look back at where it all began…

But what is my internship going to be?

I guess you will have to read my next entry to find out…

Enjoy your weekend!


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